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Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility. All vitamins and food supplements are made in the United States and are tested against stringent requirements. When you choose White Bottle, you will have chosen a company that develops products that are natural, effective, and free of health risks.

Our professional and technical staff has extensive experience formulating products on request. We are highly adaptive to clients’ needs. Our  efficient, streamlined system allows us to offer low pricing and fast turnaround times.  We are able to serve any size client, from a small health practitioner to a large retailer that requires nationwide distribution.

Research & Development

Our industry experts will work with you to create a formula with the highest ingredients.

Product Types

We offer a full range of product types including: powder blending, two-piece capsules, blister packs, pouches, bottling, and granulations.

Instant Coffee, Energy Packs, Pre/Post Workout Mixes, etc.

Drink mixes formulated for optimal performance.

Production Capabilities



Blister Packaging

Bottle Packaging

Powder Fill Packaging

Packaging and Labeling

Our packaging and label design is as good as the food supplements in it. We provide complete turnkey service while considering aesthetics, branding, safety, and even re-usability – some of our nutraceutical packages can themselves serve as useful objects or as memorable marketing tools. We create a visual identity that contains everything that is needed to achieve the expression of your practice.

Our labeling provides informative nutritional advice and transparency to guide customers towards a healthy food choice. In addition, we follow all the FDA standards for packaging and labeling.


Our main objective is to offer high quality nutraceuticals that improve the solutions available in the market and are effective for their intended use. Through extensive research, testing periods, and quality control at all stages of production, we develop optimal compounds that are truly helpful to healthy living. Besides our technical expertise to develop a unique product line, our innovation extends to our approach to client service.