Your own formulation of nutraceuticals is the ideal complementary business for your practice. White Bottle manufacturers more than hundreds of products in the areas  of vitamins, food supplements, herbal products. If you are a health practitioner looking for optimal health solutions, we are the ideal partner to develop your product line.

Your formulation

White Bottle offers a wide range of natural products for the whole family, health conditions, and nutritional needs.  Our manufacturing department has extensive experience creating a product line on request, either by offering a variety of innovative products of our design, or adapting to the needs of our physicians and consumers in any market.


Custom manufacturing of your own unique formula of high quality vitamins, food supplements, herbal, and medicinal products is one way to build customer loyalty from individuals that trust your advice and views on healthy living.

Custom Tailored

The packaging and labels can be tailored to meet your specifications, branding, size, and quantity needs. You control price and distribution methods and have the ability to make quick adjustments to products based on customers’ changing preferences.


Private label branding is one way to separate yourself from competitors and bring added value to your health care services. You inherently have exclusivity rights and your unique formulas can only be obtained through your practice.

Alternative Revenue Stream

With your own product line you offer a more holistic approach to health visits and an added revenue source to complement your income.